Campaign to Shift Social Media Hatefulness to Gratefulness #gratefulnothateful

Campaign to Shift Social Media Hatefulness to Gratefulness #gratefulnothateful

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Recently, there has been a sharp increase in hate speech in blogs, on social media platforms, and anywhere that anyone with an Internet connection is allowed to post comments and responses. “Think before you speak” seems to have been replaced with “Vent before you think.”

The number of people who seemingly have no hesitation about sharing and spreading their most hateful, malicious, attacking and disrespectful thoughts is shocking. This new normal of no-holds-barred verbal attacks has unleashed a pervasive energy of destructive negativity that is difficult to avoid.

The #GratefulNotHateful Movement is actively shifting the toxic Internet Culture which has become an energetic Pandemic of maliciousness.

Social media platforms specifically, and the Internet in general are becoming toxic environments which impact our society in ways that we don’t realize. Internet users are taking out their anger on others seemingly without the slightest hesitation about what effect their their vicious verbal attacks will have.

Do you find it alarming how hatefulness, insults, vicious gossip, and unbridled ugliness have become normalized in the online culture of social media and Internet communications?

You are not alone!

The #GratefulNotHateful Movement is a grassroots crowd-sourced online campaign that aims to shift the focus away from hatefulness towards an “old normal” when public communications were thoughtfully considered before they were randomly shared.

The goal of the #gratefulnothateful online communications campaign is to shift the alarming trend of unbridled hatefulness in social media posts, blog comments, and all published public online forums.

The supporters of the #GratefulNotHateful campaign are encouraged not engage in mean-spirited conversations, challenge hateful rhetoric or otherwise fuel the fires of malice. “Violence begets violence and hate begets hate” is a concept that has been well understood since biblical times.

Rather, it is the goal of the #GratefulNotHateful Movement to meet malice with kindness, insults with compliments, backbiting with support, and abusiveness with respect.

The underlying philosophical approach of the #GratefulNotHateful Movement is the undeniable Truth that we can’t control or change anybody else’s behavior, but we CAN control and change our RESPONSE to other people’s behavior.

The #GratefulNotHateful campaign being conducted with social media platforms and online communications is dedicated to proactively shifting the tone and focus of online communications assaults from destructive to constructive. It’s not as easy as it sounds. But the practice is its own reward.

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The ultimate goal of #GratefulNotHateful is to generate “a million thanks” online every day. This is not just a cliche’. It’s the critical mass of positive focus that will be necessary to diffuse the violent tone of hate speech that has been flowing freely in the digital Universe.

Do you want be the change you want to see in the digital Universe?

“Those who deserve love the least need it the most.” – Austin O’Malley

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